Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mike, Cath, Payton & Cade visit our Mission

Beloit, Wisconsin water tower on our way to pick up the Bowrings. Mike came with Juab High school to investigate a class schedule program that Juab is interested in for the coming year.
When we received our mission call, Mike told us they had a conference in Wisconsin in November. As plans began to be finalized, Mike and Cath decided to surprise the boys and bring them to the conference and then on up to visit our mission for Thanksgiving. A great treat for us!!

River that runs by the Beloit High School

Beloit High School.....enrollment 1900 students!
We got special permission from President Jones to drive down to Beloit (which happens to be out of our mission boundary) to meet the family here and take them back up to Stevens Point, about 200 miles.

Beloit High School mascot the Purple Knight

Cade checking out the river right out the doors of the high school.
They even have a fishing class!

CHEESEHEADS....True Packer fans for the day!
Second day...we headed to Green Bay to tour the Packer stadium. The Green Bay Packer franchise is the only professional sport that is owned by stock holders. Green Bay fans are very loyal and proud of their Packers. It was fun to feel of their pride and enthusiasm for their team.

Cath, Mike, Payton, & Cade. Lambeau statue
at the entrance of the stadium.
Green Bay, Wisconsin
November 23, 2011
Vince Lombardi, Payton & Cade

Packer Christmas Tree and our Cheeseheads!!

Main entrance decorated and ready for Thanksgiving dinner
to be served to the homeless on Thanksgiving Day.

Cheesehead Cade, Quarterback Bart Star, Coach Bowring
Payton and Cade checking things out in the
Green Bay Packer gift shop -- largest gift shop in the NFL.
Anything you can think of or was there.

Super Bowl 2011 commemorative helmet.
Price tag...$5,000!


Coach B with two of the Green Bay Championship Trophys
Names and Numbers of the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame players
Cath, Mike, Payton & Cade
Sister & Elder Bowring

Wisconsin Geese....very plentiful and beautiful to watch. HONKERS!

Stevens Point water tower downtown by the Wisconsin River

Payton, Cath, Elder Bowring, Mike & Cade at the Stevens Point Branch Chapel

Cath, Payton, & Cade on the banks of The Wisconsin River

Sister B. Elder B. Cath, Payton, & Cade

Good ole hacky sack in the parking lot on Thanksgiving Day.
We were so happy to have family to share these days with us.
It gave us a great boost and was so fun to have them come!

All good things must come to an end!
Milwaukee Airport.

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