Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mission President and Our new hometown

Plover, Wisconsin.....our new home. Towns all have water towers to identify their locations....because they have no mountains or visible landmarks....only water towers!
True signs of Wisconsin.....the beautiful barns.
President Timothy Jones, Sister Judith Jones, Sister Bowring, & Elder Bowring
September 20, 2011

Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission Home September 20, 2011

Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission Home.......Associated Bank, Greendale Wellness Center, Chris' Salon, Electrolysis, and Eva's European Spa.....all under one roof!
5651 Broad Street Suite 1, Greendale, Wisconsin
The Mission home is at the end of this street.

Greendale The Garden Community

Sunday, October 2, 2011



Iowa cornfields
Nebraska corn fields

Bridge at Kearny, Nebraska
I80 - Trucks, trucks, & more trucks - Wyoming
WYOMING - first part of our trek!