Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wisconsin roads

Beautiful drive

Pig Cows  

Kuangdi Lao

Kuangdi inducted into the  Phi Eta Signma
Freshman academic honor society 

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Sister and Elder Bowring

Stevens Point Chapel getting ready for remodeling

Sister Alicia Gaede, Sister Case,
                  Sister Fontanettti,  & Sister Bowring

Sister Fontanetti and Sister Case

Putting everything from the church into storage until the chapel remodeling is completed.

Front door of Stevens Point Chapel

Everything going, going, gone!!

President Seibert announced on Sunday April 8 that the chapel plans have been approved to enlarge the chapel.  We are all so excited.  When we got here in September the branch was working to get 100 people to church for the next 3 months so that this blessing could be a reality.  We made it!!

Wausau District Meeting Wisconsin Rapids

  Sister Johnson, Sister Black

Sisters Black, Johnson, Bowring, Elder Bowring, Black, Shamo

  Elders Bird, Ripplinger, Fergot, Berry

Easter Baptism - Lizzie

Sister Johnson, Sister Fontinetti
Sister Bowring, Lizzie, Sammy & Piper

Sister & Elder Bowring by the Easter Egg Tree

Sister Fontinetti, Lizzie Holt , Sister Johnson

Lizzie has been dating a member and had been having missionary lesson while he has been gone in the Army.  She was going to wait until July when Sterling came home on leave so he could be here....but in the middle of a lesson she got excited and said, "I don't want to wait!  I want to be baptized now!"

Baptized by Sterling's father, Sterling Wall Sr.

April 2012

We had an exciting week!  We found a new way to give out pass along cards and cards although I can't highly recommend it!  We were stopped at a red light on our way back to the apartment with , our chinese invesitagator and got rear-ended.  A guy pulling a boat got distracted by a car coming up on his left to make a turn and took his foot off the brake.  We are all fine, but the Toy is going to have o have a new bumper.  The driver was really nice and DOES have insurance.  Whew!!  We gave him a pass along card to write our information on and also a card.  We told him that is what he got for running into missionaries!  He has a friend that just married an LDS girl, so he knows a little about the Church.