Sunday, November 20, 2011

First District Meeting - September 27, 2011

Beautiful tree across the street from the Wisconsin Rapids Chapel
First District Meeting in Wisconsin Rapids, Wiscosin
Back row: Elders Dautel, Woodhouse, Calder, Alleman, Sister Bowring, & Elder Bowring
Front row: Elder Patterson District Leader, Elders Anderson, Carter, & Haertel
In 1912 the first idea for these gardens was formed by Father Wagner, while in Europe studying to be a priest. In 1917 he came to Rudolph, Wisconsin to be the pastor of the church. The congregation build a new church and as the church was being built Father Wagner drew up plans for the garens.
"Set in a beautiful area of trees and flowers with man-made rock surroundings, the gardens and shrines provide a spiritual settig where one can spend quiet moments conteplating the wonders of God and creation."
The last project was finished in 1983.
Elders Dautel, Alleman, Bowring

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