Monday, May 28, 2012

Chinese Latern Festival

Kuangdi, our Chinese friend, invited the four missionaries, and Brother Spaulding, our institute teacher, and his family of 5 for this special festival.  They had a chinese buffet and then entertainment to celebrate the year of the Dragon. 

Kuangdi came to Stevens Point last year for college.  His parents researched  colleges in the US and found BYU and were very impressed with the honor code.  They felt that it would be a good place for Kuangdi to continue his education in accounting.   He had to have an interview and  recommendation from our branch president to apply for the Y so he found the church and walked in and ask for an interview.  The missionaries then started teaching him.  Kuangdi attended church all through the year, took the institute class for credit, and studied with the all the missionaries that have been here.  He has been accepted to BYU Idaho in January of 2013 where Elder Dautel, from Germany, has also been accepted for school.  They developed a good friendship so that will be good for both of them. 

Chinese native dress

Children singing.  The two small children are 3 year old twins.

Chinese mother with children that sang in the program.   

Chinese club members singing. Cuiting on the far left.

Hall was decorated so beautifully.

Chinese girl wrote calligraphy that said "Latern Festival".

Chinese Dragon Festival

Sister Bowring, Sister Johnson, Sister Black & Elder Bowring
We were the honored guests of Kuangdi Lao for this festival and dinner.

Chinese girl and Kuangdi

Elder & Sister Bowring, Cuiting Li (advisor for the Chinse Club on campus) her husband Nicolas.
Cuiting is from China,  Nicolas is from Greece.

Kuangdi Luo, Leiwei Lao, & friend
Kuangdi is on crutches...sprained his foot playing basketball!

Fan Dance

Drum for the announcement of the beginning of the show.



Chinese decorations

February Baptism

Tracy Davis baptized by her father, Tim Glodoski
Stevens Point Branch

Ice Fishing on the Chain-O-Lakes

Trucks, cars ,4 wheelers, ice houses, and fishermen on the ice---fishing in February!

Chain - O - Lakes ice fishing

Ice cycles outside our apartment.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pictures of Spencer's Families visit May 2012

Sister Fontinetti, Sister Case, Maxi, Skylee, Ashlyn & Spencer
Our favorite Pizza Place - POLITOS

Downtown Stevens Point

Skylee & Ashlyn

Skylee and Ashlyn




Sister Bowring, Elder Bowring Maxi & Spencer

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spencer, Maxi, Ashlyn and Skylee come to Wisconsin! May 2012

Spencer and family came and spent from Tuesday evening until Sunday morning with us.  It was wonderful to have them here.

Skylee brought Grandpa a new hat!

Walking the Green Trail

Good Old Porter Place

  We took the usual family excursion to Green Bay and toured the Packer stadium.  We also visited the Packer Hall of Fame. 

Packer Stadium

Wisconsin Packer Cheeseheads

 Go Skylee & Ashlyn
Girls Rule!

Spencer & Maxi


Richard Kellnar, a friend let us borrow  his paddle boat and a canoe so we could paddled around three of the lakes at the "Chain of Lakes"  It was a lot of fun and so beautiful.  The lily pads were just coming out in bloom.
We put into the lake at Richard's mothers home and when we got there we found a baby raccoon that had apparently been abandoned by it's mother.  It was so tiny and cute.

Richard Kellnar and mother Joan

Ready for some FUN!

You have to get a trip to Rudolph to the cheese cheese curds and ice cream ever! On our way home we stopped at the "Grotto" which is a garden of beautiful flowers, plants, rocks and Catholic statues. 

26th of May, Relva's birthday.  Picnic at the park, but got rained out before we ate lunch...but on our hike on The Green Trail  we were walking by the creek when Ashlyn spotted a huge turtle...turned out to be about 20" snapping turtle that like our slim jim jerky!   We raced t the car when the rain came. Didn't want to go home so went shopping for Wisconsin shirts, had lunch at Culvers and then  finished celebrating at the King Kone ice cream shop.  We went home played games, then  went to Applebees for dinner and back to King Kone  for more ice cream! What a birthday celebration never to be forgotten!