Monday, May 21, 2012

January 2012

January snow...mildest winter in many years!!
One of the Magnificient Barns!

See the black squirrel going up the tree?
Sister Beth Black from Springville, Utah. Sister Katie Johnson from Ivins, Utah.
Notice the "cool" duck tape ties and scripture covers. Missionaries are very creative.
This is how we set up cameras for a group district photo shoot. All are on timers and boy can those Elders run fast to get in place for the pictures. Just check us out below!
Wisconsin Rapids District - February 2012.
back row: Elders Harper DL, Elder Parker, Sister and Elder Bowring, Elder Shamo, Sister Black and Elder Bethers. front row: Elder Evans, Elder Ripplinger, and Sister Johnson
Ducks enjoying a winters day!
February weather with no ice and very little snow.

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