Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

Stevens Point Train
Elder & Sister Bowring and the Christmas Train
Our Christmas caroling party. Kuangdi Lao, Sister Katie Johnson, Sister Chantelle Durfee,
Sister Bowring & Elder Bowring. It was a cold night but we spent a couple of hours
Christmas caroling to some of our members and at an apartment building. Lori Harper also went with us, but left early for a family party.
This home is decorated every year for Christmas. We thought it was a park when we first found it. Beautiful and truly amazing!
Another view of the home.
Sister Johnson, Sister Durfee & Kuangdi Lao
Still another view!
More of the same home!
We really liked this display just down the street from our apartment.
So clever!
Keeping the family tradition alive.
Sister Johnson and Kuangdi making their "Christmas train" boxes!
Kuangdi and Sister Durfee really getting into it!
Sister Durfee
Sister Johnson and her jewelery box! Haha!! The story that goes with this is that when we had the "Ugly Sweater Party" we each brought a white elephant gift. When the Elders were here in
Stevens Point, the postman brought 2 boxes to their apartment. The Elders told him that they
didn't order anything but he said he had to leave them there because of the address on the boxes. Well, they opened the boxes and they were full of little boxes of jewelery. Very strange looking
jewelery. The two boxes were just chucked away in a closet. When the sisters moved into the
apartment and found them we all had a good laugh about the Elders jewelery. Well when they needed a white elephant gift.....the jewelery was the perfect answer.....and what was even better, Elder Bowring chose (unknowingly) the jewelery for his gift. We have had alot of fun with that one and quite often someone gets a "special" gift!
Snow Popcorn!
There we did it again!!!
Our "mish" Christmas train 2011!!
Christmas carmel candy and nuts apple from Mark & Tamra Lyman!

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