Friday, December 30, 2011

Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission Tour held in Appleton Elder William R. Walker presiding

President Timothy Jones, Sister Judith Jones, Elder Bowring, Sister Bowring,
Elder William Walker of the First Quorum of the Seventy, Sister Walker.
President Jones taught us to use scriptures that our investigators are familiar with.
Elder Walker's message in the morning was about planting seeds everywhere we go.
Lift up our heads and be happy. Alma 8.
"To be valiant, is to take the Lords side on every issue." Bruce R. McConkie
This picture is with OUR mission president, and ROB'S mission president
from the Tokoyo South Mission. Small world!!

Elder Bowring, Sister Bowring, Sister Walker, Elder Walker
Elder Walker was the mission President in the Tokoyo South Mission
when Rob was a missionary there in 1988-1990. Elder Walker remembered him.
Robs mission president Jim Matsumori was released just a few months before Elder Walker came, and Elder Walker released Rob from his mission.
The Elders and Sisters formed a large circle in the cultrual hall after our meal to sing a song of thanks for the Relief Society sisters that prepared our lunch. It was an amazing rendition of "Called to Serve". Very powerful and a great expierence.
These Relief Society sisters were the one who prepared our lunch. The sister on the far left is a Mong member. There are alot of these people in our mission. They don't have a country, but came from Cambodia and Viet Nam. The second sisters to the left in the gray sweater was crying so hard when we sang. At the end she thanked us for our song and said she has a song on a mission in Heaven....than we all cried with her.

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